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Garrick Hire

Prop Swords, Knives and Miscellaneous

The Garrick offers a range of bladed weapons and related miscellaneous items for hire

A generic picture of swords

Prop Swords, Knives & Miscellaneous

Hire prop swords, fake knifes and daggers directly from us, here at The Garrick in Altrincham. We have a large collection suitable for film/movies, TV and all kinds of theatrical performances, from pantomimes to whodunnits and dramas. All of our stage swords and other pointed weapons are stored at a secure location in Altrincham.


Note that these are not for fancy dress parties, stag dos or other party events – we do not have a licence to rent out to the general public. There are strict rules and regulation surrounding the hire and carrying of these items.

We also have a number of interesting related items for hire that you may require to sit alongside the prop swords and prop guns hire. These items don’t fit neatly into the other sections, so we have separated them out below.

Please take a look at the photos below, then contact us and give us an idea of the type of production you are engaged with. We will be happy to advise on which type of weapon(s) you need, and can then give you a quotation and timescale for rental. Alternatively, if you know exactly what you require then please include the reference numbers from the photo.

Please fill in our online form, ring us on 0161 928 1677 or send us an e-mail, to

Prop swords and cutlasses used in "Peter Pan" on the Altrincham Garrick main stage

Prop Swords

From prop pirate cutlasses suitable for pantomimes, such as those seen in Peter Pan above, to classic replica gladiator, claymore, classic long swords, epees and Samurai swords (as seen in movies such as like Kill Bill), we have a large collection for hire.

Prop swords for hire

Prop Knives & Daggers

We have a large collection of prop knifes, stilettoes and daggers including retractable knife props (with retractable blades), suitable for stage, screen and television. There are knives from almost every era, including prop machetes, flick knifes and kirpans. 

Prop knives and daggers for hire

Miscellaneous Items to Hire

Other weapons include prop duelling pistols, fake Uzi , prop hand grenades & mortar bomb, Note that items 1& 2 are no longer available. 

Accessories include prop truncheons, western gun holsters, prop handcuffs, cowboy belts and shoulder holsters.

Miscellaneous items for hire
Miscellaneous items for hire

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