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Present Laughter (2022)

Present Laughter (2022)

28 February 2022


5 March 2022

By Noel Coward

Directed by Carole Carr

At the centre of his own universe sits matinee idol Garry Essendine: suave, hedonistic and too old, says his wife, to be having numerous affairs. His life is spiralling out of control…

He is plagued with worry about his looming theatrical tour of Africa, being middle aged, his receding hairline and the friends who bring their bizarre problems to him. Engulfed by an escalating identity crisis, as his sprawling myriad of relationships compete for his attention, Garry’s few remaining days at home are a chaotic whirlwind of love, sex, panic and soul-searching.

Noël Coward’s Present Laughter premiered in the early years of the Second World War just as such privileged lives were threatened with fundamental social change but now this play is a surprisingly modern reflection on fame, desire and loneliness and, of course, is extremely funny!

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