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Ross and Rachel

Ross and Rachel

10 May 2021


15 May 2021

By James Fritz

Directed by Carole Carr

Performed by Fiona Primrose

Filmed on stage at the Altrincham Garrick Playhouse. Streamed into your homes. Please note that a unique YouTube Link will be sent to you one hour before the start of the performance.

No one told them life was gonna be this way…

Ross & Rachel. You know the ones. Will they? Won’t they? On. Off. On again. Off again. On a break. Vegas. Emma. “I got off the plane”…

Ross & Rachel tells the mind-bending, heart-breaking story of what happens when a couple that was always meant to be together, gets together. And stays together.

James Fritz’s play isn’t about Ross Geller and Rachel Green, the ultimate Friends-turned-lovers. But it’s not – not about them.

A dark and uncompromising play that explores romance, expectation and mortality, and the idea of ‘happy-ever-after’ – sold to us by rom-coms and sitcoms, whether it’s Ross and Rachel or Romeo and Juliet – and how this affects our real-life relationships.

Suitability: 14+

Contains strong language and adult themes which some viewers may find disturbing.

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